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Bringing Camp to You

This week, as part of my weekly Triathlon Training Tips post, I invite you to join us at our 2022 Fall Training Camp during two FREE break-out sessions via Zoom. Everyone who logs into at least one session will be entered to win a 30 min. massage by Eddie Summers, of Body Restoration Massage & […]

The Food-Sleep connection

When it comes to metabolic health, sleep plays an unexpectedly powerful role. At the same time, our food choices also have a big impact on how we sleep — or don’t. BY LAINE BERGESON BECCO, FMCHC | MAY 2020 It’s obvious enough that our food choices influence our digestive and metabolic health. What’s less obvious […]

Have a Plant

Have a Plant! Information provided by Produce For Better Health According to the American Gut Research project: By eating a variety of 30 plants per week, there is a greater diversity in Gut Microbial than eating just 10 different plants per week. Having a more diverse gut microbial availability offers a range of direct health […]

Basic Nutrition for Athletes Webinar

Fueling for an endurance activity can be complicated but we make it simple. Join us to learn more about the basics of fueling your workouts, races, and recovery. We’re all different so specific recommendations will not be made. We’ll focus on general nutrition principles and race day considerations.