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High School Triathlon Team

Coaching, support, and camaraderie to boost personal development and self-esteem through the medium of sport.

Triathlon is one of the fastest-growing sports worldwide. There are races of different distances and formats. You can participate at any time of the year and across any type of terrain. Some athletes prefer only two sports at a time like duathlon, aqua bike, or aquathlon. We meet each participant where they are and develop the skills they need to succeed.

Participating in a multisport lifestyle early in life helps youth stay engaged while reducing single-sport burnout from overtraining, helping them become disciplined, well-rounded adults.

Stand out from the crowd…

Join the Triathlon Team

We’re excited to announce the formation of a new high school-age triathlon team in southern Wake County and the surrounding area! Practices will begin in September, shortly after the new school year begins. This fall season will be a developmental training phase with a few late-season races for those that are interested.

We are also looking for parents/volunteers to assist at practices and support the team on race day.

If you are interested in donating your used triathlon equipment, please contact us. We are specifically looking for swim gear such as pull buoys, paddles, kickboards, and fins. We’re also looking for bike equipment such as used bikes, trainers (dumb ones), helmets (never been in an accident and not expired), bike shoes, and repair kits. We’re also looking for used apparel.

Interest Meeting

August 31st at 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Join us for a Zoom call to discuss the new High School Triathlon Team.

Topics will include: What is a triathlon, practice schedule, race participation, equipment requirements, and an open Q&A.

Race Calendar

Winter/Spring 2024

Northeast Park Duathlon2/24/2024Gibsonville, NCEvent Website
Azalea Sprint Triathlon3/10/2024Wilmington, NCEvent Website
Pinehurst Sprint Triathlon4/13/2024Pinehurst, NCEvent Website
White Lake Sprint Triathlon5/5/2024Elizabethtown, NCEvent Website
Brick Endurance Sprint Triathlon #1TBDDurham, NCEvent Website
Triangle Sprint & Mini Sprint Triathlon6/1/2024New Hill, NCEvent Website
Brick Endurance Sprint Triathlon #2TBDDurham, NCEvent Website

Summer/Fall 2024

Three Little Pigs Sprint TriathlonTBDSmithfield, NCEvent Website
Sprint Triathlon – WakefieldTBDRaleigh, NCEvent Website
Brick Endurance Sprint Triathlon #3TBDDurham, NCEvent Website
White Lake Sprint TriathlonTBDElizabethtown, NCEvent Website
Brick Endurance Sprint Triathlon #4TBDDurham, NCEvent Website
YMCA Sprint TriathlonTBDWilmington, NCEvent Website
Sandling Beach Sprint TriathlonTBDWake Forest, NCEvent Website

North Carolina State High School Championships and National Championships are administered by USA Triathlon. Dates and locations vary from year to year but will be added to the calendar as soon as they are announced. Qualifications are required for National Championship events.

Tentative Practice Schedule

Dates and times will be posted soon.

Monday – Swim

Weekly swims will be in the pool with open-water swim sessions at the lake periodically.

Tuesday – Bike/Run

“Brick” sessions (two or more sport types done after one another) help keep participants interested and engaged while developing their ability to adapt.

Thursday – Bike

Dedicated bike days will help athletes develop their cycling skills and endurance.

Friday – Swim/Run

A second brick day will keep workouts fresh and help prevent overtraining and burnout.

Targeted strength workouts will be scheduled regularly throughout the off-season during November and December. Strength components will also be incorporated into weekly workouts as well.


There are no tryouts and no experience in triathlon is required to join the team. However, the following basic skills and equipment are required.

Swim: Participants must be able to swim 100 yards continuously. (4 trips across a standard pool.) No pace requirement.

Bike: Participants must provide their own bike and helmet. A road or triathlon bike is preferred.

Run: Participants must be able to run 1 mile continuously. No pace requirement.


Gear Guide

* All the gear listed in this guide is NOT required for participation.

Race Day Checklist
Nutrition Guide

Reasons to Participate in Multisports

Better Physical Health

Better self-reported health

Fewer chronic illnesses

Reduced obesity

Healthier menstruation for girls

Reduced drug and sexual activity

Reduced burnout from single-sport specialization.

Better Social Health

Greater popularity among peers

Achievement-based social networks

Adult interaction

Better Emotional Health

Higher self-esteem

Better self-image

More self-confidence

Lower rates of depression and risk of suicide

Better Academic Performance

Better at organizing, setting priorities, and budgeting time

Better performance in math and science

Lower dropout rate

Better Career Opportunities

Leadership skills



Ability to function as part of a team

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never done a triathlon. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! There are many ways to compete in multisport. Most race directors also offer the following options:

  • Triathlon – Swim, Bike, Run
  • Duathlon – Run, Bike, Run
  • Aqua Bike – Swim, Bike
  • Aquathlon – Swim, Run
Do I need all the recommended equipment to start?

No. As interest, competency, and ability increase, the recommended gear will improve comfort and performance. There is a great second-hand market for this kind of gear in the area. You can acquire the gear over time.

When can I join the team?

The ages will vary but students are eligible to compete starting the summer after their 8th-grade year and continuing until September 1st after their senior year.

Do I need to live in Wake County?

No. Participation is open to anyone regardless of where they live, or what high school they attend. Home school, private, and/or charter school students can also participate.

You can do this!