Refund Policy

Payment is required before receiving any services or attending any events. Credit cards, cash, and/or checks are accepted. Credit is not extended.

Monthly Coaching

Monthly coaching fees are due on the first of every month. A prorated amount is charged if services are started during a month.

No contract is required for monthly coaching services and proceeds month to month at the discretion of either Carolina Multisports or the client. Monthly payments are not refundable after services have begun.

Communicate termination dates before the 1st of each month so billing can be paused for off-seasons or canceled indefinitely.

Billing is not suspended or refunded for vacations.

Exceptions will be made for medical purposes. A medical note sent directly from a medical professional’s office is required via email. A prorated amount will be refunded from the date of the doctor’s letter.

Individual Sessions

Rescheduling an individual session requires 24-hour notice. If available, an effort will be made to accommodate lateness or forgetfulness. Otherwise, failure to attend an individual session without the required notification will forfeit the cost of the session. Another payment will be required if the client wants to meet again. If the client has paid for multiple sessions, failure to attend a scheduled session will forfeit one session.


Planning for events requires a lot of time and resources. Every effort should be made on behalf of the client to attend every event they are signed up for. However, we understand that life gets in the way sometimes.

Full refunds for camps will not be available after 7 days of submission and will be subject to a declining percentage rate until the date of the event. Registration transfers to the following year are allowed at no additional cost. Only one transfer is allowed. Transfers to other individuals are allowed at no additional cost.

For clinics or practices regularly held throughout the year, payment will be held until attendance can be made at either: A. Another event that costs the same or, B. The same future event, at no additional cost. Attendance has to be during the same year as the payment, as long as events are scheduled. Event payments can be transferred to others. No refunds are available for clinics and practices.

Champion Systems merchandise

Items ordered through Champion Systems fall under their refund and returns policy. For further questions, visit their website and/or contact them directly at the following link: