Individual Training Sessions

Refine your skills with targeted sessions.

I had a one hour swim session with Joel and it was fantastic! We covered all of the topics that I was concerned about for race day. In the water, we practiced my drafting techniques, evaluated my sighting for both left and right breathing sides, and practiced strategies for buoy turns. I also realized that I knew very little about race starts. Joel taught me about the different types of race starts, strategies to capitalize on each type of start, and ways to to decrease anxiety about cold water (which is a big deal for me!). Joel also corrected a few misconceptions I had about nutrition prior to the race, gear that I needed for the race, and even exiting the water at the conclusion of the swim. I feel much more confident in my preparation for my swim after consulting with Joel.

— Beth

I consider myself a decent runner even though I started only a few years ago (I’m occasionally competitive for age group awards in races), but I had no formal coaching. In limited amount of time, Joel taught me more about proper running technique than all of the YouTube videos, running articles, and random tips from friends over the last 2-3 years of running. I can already tell I’m running more efficiently by using a couple “tricks” from Joel. I am looking forward to incorporating more of the things I learned from his coaching and going back for more sessions.

— Aaron

Great information to make my transitions and aid stations quicker to shave off time. I also have several drills to practice to further improve my ride portion of the triathlon. Joel is very patient and experienced and working with him increased my confidence for race day.

— Joe