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Adventure Awaits…

Embarking on an unforgettable adventure often involves more than just marking the calendar and creating a plan. It’s about the pursuit of new experiences, self-discoveries, and the stories that will linger in your memory long the experience has ended. Whether you’re training for an Ironman triathlon, attempting your first marathon, or building your overall fitness […]

Science Class Just Became Cool

Triathlete Anatomy Web Series Dr. Evan Kahn of North State Sport and Spine will hold 4 webinars this year via Zoom to discuss the major muscle groups we use during multisport events, in particular, how muscle chains work together and how you can get the most out of your body! He’ll also discuss how to […]

Bringing Camp to You

This week, as part of my weekly Triathlon Training Tips post, I invite you to join us at our 2022 Fall Training Camp during two FREE break-out sessions via Zoom. Everyone who logs into at least one session will be entered to win a 30 min. massage by Eddie Summers, of Body Restoration Massage & […]

Avoid the Ironman Shuffle.

As triathletes, our mode of travel is forward and very repetitive. Therefore, we are usually very strong in this plane. However, we are typically very weak in the sagittal plane or side-to-side plane. During a triathlon, have you experienced or ever noticed someone leaning to one side during the run? The glute med is very […]

Sculling Swimming Drills

Increase your speed by improving your feel of the water There are 4 sculling drills included in this video: Top Scull: This drill helps you feel the water at the setup phase of the stroke. Imagine piling up two mounds of sand in front of you. Mid Scull: This drill helps you feel the water […]

Skipping Running Drills

Activate the gait pattern with these dynamic skipping drills There are four skipping drills shown in the following video: A Skip: Set this skip up by leading with the knee, keeping your feet under you with your toes up, and swinging your arms back. Imagine pulling a pistol out of a holster. B Skip: This […]

The Food-Sleep connection

When it comes to metabolic health, sleep plays an unexpectedly powerful role. At the same time, our food choices also have a big impact on how we sleep — or don’t. BY LAINE BERGESON BECCO, FMCHC | MAY 2020 It’s obvious enough that our food choices influence our digestive and metabolic health. What’s less obvious […]