Skipping Running Drills

Activate the gait pattern with these dynamic skipping drills

There are four skipping drills shown in the following video:

A Skip: Set this skip up by leading with the knee, keeping your feet under you with your toes up, and swinging your arms back. Imagine pulling a pistol out of a holster.

B Skip: This skip activates the posterior chain or back of the leg and emphasizes foot placement. Imagine a horse pawing the ground.

C Skip: Because our mode of travel is forwards, we are typically very strong in the frontal plane. However, for endurance athletes, we need to strengthen the sagittal plane or side-to-side plane. This skip opens up the external rotators and engages the muscles that keep us from falling over to the side.

Orange Crush: This version of the butt kick replicates the gait pattern more accurately. By keeping the foot under our butt, we activate the correct muscle patterns.