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Triathlete Anatomy Web Series

Dr. Evan Kahn of North State Sport and Spine will hold 4 webinars this year via Zoom to discuss the major muscle groups we use during multisport events, in particular, how muscle chains work together and how you can get the most out of your body! He’ll also discuss how to strengthen these muscles, how to prevent injury, and what can be done if you have a small niggle or big injury. 

Four-part series

All Zoom events are from 7 – 8 PM

April 18 – Swimming

June 13 – Cycling 

August 22 – Running

October 10 – Strength Training

Sports & Recovery Bodywork Clinic

Eddie Summers of Body Restoration Massage & Bodywork will hold 4 in-person seminars at his clinic in Holly Springs to discuss and demonstrate what you can do at home to safely work your muscles to increase mobility, reduce inflammation, release toxins, improve circulation, and much more! 

Four-part series

All Semiars are from 7 – 8 PM

March 27 – Shoulders & Neck

May 15 – Torso & Arms

June 26 – Hips & Knees

July 31 – Calves, Ankles, & Feet

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