Have a Plant

Have a Plant!

Information provided by Produce For Better Health

  1. According to the American Gut Research project: By eating a variety of 30 plants per week, there is a greater diversity in Gut Microbial than eating just 10 different plants per week. Having a more diverse gut microbial availability offers a range of direct health benefits.

Fact: Only 5% of all Americans meet the target goal for fiber intake

  • By consuming more plants fiber intake is increased. Daily fiber intake requirement- Men: 30-38 grams/day   Women: 21-28 grams/day

Fact: #1 highest consumed food is wheat flour, #50 leafy greens!

  • Gut/Brain Axis- 2020 Australian government commissioned research for a link to gut health and depression- 1 in 5 Australians suffered with some form of mental health illness. The answer is YES. Poor levels of gut microbial more prevalent in people with symptoms of depression. Diet is a recognizable modifiable form of treatment for mental illness.

Fact: Antibiotics drastically reduce gut microbiome

  • Pay attention to eating more plants to promote a healthy gut especially if taking antibiotics.
  • During pregnancy and the gestational phase, biome is passed to the developing fetus in the womb and then through breast feeding.
  • During and after Menopause, dropping estrogen levels negatively impact the amount of gut microbiome. Eating a varied diet of plants per week will help this imbalance.

Fact: Top 3 plants eaten in the USA are POTATOES (fries) TOMATO(via pizza) and ONIONS.

And finally

Diet choices are meaningless … if we don’t get enough sleep. Poor sleep leads to raised blood sugar levels.

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