Get to know North State Sport & Spine

Endurance Athletes…No Problem

As sports chiropractors, we have the privilege of seeing many different kinds of athletes that vary all over in skill level.  The multisport athlete that presents to the clinic always offers a fun challenge due to the training requirements, biomechanics of the three sports, and volume management.  
From the swim, we tend to see a lot of shoulder pain from impingement syndromes.  This is usually caused by a lack of mobility and stability of the shoulder complex as it comes into contact with the rib cage and thoracic spine.

Due to the athlete’s posture while on the bike, we tend to see a lot of spine pain (usually mid and upper spine pain, but it can be anywhere), knee pain from repetitive stress (or a poor bike fit), and nerve entrapments in the upper extremities.
And from the run, we tend to see the common lower extremity conditions like plantar fasciitis, IT Band syndrome, and shin splints.
Our treatments depend greatly on what is causing the conditions.  We specialize in soft tissue treatments, including Active Release Technique, Dry Needling, Cupping, Graston, among other manual therapies.  We tend to use different taping techniques as well to keep our treatments holding longer after the treatment session ends.  We also find and adjust the dysfunctional parts of the spine in order to promote proper biomechanics and a return to function.  And of course, rehabilitation is also our specialty, prescribing specific exercises to give you homework to target the dysfunctional areas causing your pain.