2024 Community Focus

As 2023 ends, there will still be no FDA-approved treatment for Osteoarthritis and 20% of all rheumatoid arthritis patients will still have no effective treatment available to them. As the nation’s #1 cause of disability, arthritis affects nearly 60 million adults and 300,000 children. Over 100 types of arthritis and related conditions damage the joints and often other organs.

During 2023, Carolina Multisports was able to raise $3,560 for the Arthritis Foundation thanks to your donations as a participant on Team Amgen as part of the California Coast Classic.

I’m excited to announce that Carolina Multisports will once again support the Arthritis Foundation in 2024 through their Arthritis Challenge Experience (ACE), a remote event held in conjunction with the California Coast Classic. I will be training and riding the entire Blue Ridge Parkway to raise awareness and funds for a cure.

I’ll be using the hastags, #WeLiveYes #WeJourneyTogether #RideForACure and more to humanize the experience. Follow them for more resources about arthritis. Arthritis steals everyday joys, forcing many who live with it to say “No” to the things they want or need to do. But there are ways to say “Yes” instead of “No”. Likewise, arthritis steals quality of life and impairs well-being. We use our fitness to advocate and journey alongside of those who suffer to support and strengthen them.

Join me and my team next year on this amazing adventure! As a team member you’ll help us raise funds while doing what you love, riding your bike! We’ll train together and then tackle one of America’s most beautiful and scenic tours. Get started HERE. Use the Promo code: ACE24 to waive the entry fee of $39. Please contact me directly for more details.