Join the team and help us change lives forever!

Carolina Multisports, LLC was born out of my love of connecting with people and helping others to discover, learn from, and excel in endurance sports.

But it’s more than that…I want our athletes to discover something about themselves. I want them to pursue a meaningful path. I want them to excel in their efforts. It is my passion to help individuals do something that might seem impossible today.

The sport of Triathlon helped me develop the patience, perspective, and strength to acknowledge, confront, and overcome many of my personal flaws and limitations. Through it all, new milestones were achieved, and lasting memories and new friends continue to be a constant reward.

Sports are also well-documented for its benefits to youth. Unfortunately, youth participation is dramatically decreasing nationwide, especially among girls. Triathlon, on the other hand, is growing in popularity among youth for a few unique reasons. As an individual sport, competition is first focused on one’s self, opening up the sport to anyone. It keeps kids healthier and more engaged by cross-training in 3 different sports. It also helps reduce single-sport burnout from specialization and over-training.

Come join the team and help us changes lives forever!