Paulette Conquering the USA

Meet Paulette.

She recently joined the Carolina Multisports team and shared with me her ambitious goal of completing at least 1 endurance event/race in all 50 states! She has a great start having completed several marathons and other races.

After moving to North Carolina, she discovered the sport of triathlon and joined our team to hone her running skills and develop her newfound love of cycling and swimming.

I’m continually amazed by those around me and their accomplishments. Keep up the great work and remember, “Your next victory is inside you!”

Stay tuned as we update her travels and races here.

Maryland #18

Maryland! Quirky, local triathlon 1600yard swim, 18 mile bike (but with a 15 mph max speed limit-whaat?) and finish with a 10k run. I thought I had the watch in triathlon mode but it was recorded all as a swim! Everything about this race was strange and a little off. But I #racehappy#runtheusa#dohardthings

Also Baltimore MD was a lovely city #charmcity

Pennsylvania #19

When in Pittsburgh, run 10 miles! #racehappy #AnotherStateDown #GoSteelers #mrrogersneighborhood