Massage & Body Work for Triathletes

Research shows that massage therapy can decrease pain and perceived fatigue after intense muscular use, such as triathlon activities – especially in a high endurance capacity such as Ironman competition.

Sports massage increases short-term flexibility and significantly reduces delayed-onset muscle soreness. It helps to maintain overall muscle health by identifying areas of tension, mobility issues, and muscle firing pattern dysfunction and/or weakness. As a preventative measure, these benefits keep athletes active, optimize training, and maximize performance. Including regular bodywork in your training regimen helps to prevent injury but is also a useful recovery mechanism in returning to training and competition.

Sports massage & bodywork is best implemented regularly in training. Much as you perform routine maintenance on your vehicle – it is important for athletes’ bodies as well. Taking preventative measures helps to mitigate the risk for injury by addressing issues before they become dysfunctional, and assisting in the reduction of training/competition-related stress.

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