Aqua Bike Coaching

Consisting of a swim and bike portion, take advantage of these non-load-bearing sports to take your fitness to the next level.

Comprehensive Training Plan

You’ll receive a training plan delivered through the industry’s most powerful platform, TrainingPeaks.

Link your gear and favorite apps like Garmin Connect, Wahoo, Strava, or MyFitnessPal to upload and track all your workouts and nutrition, all in one place.

Underwater Swim Analysis*

We’ll start with a conversation about your goals and an assessment.

The assessment will include a video that will be provided to you to help define limiters, improve technique, and prevent injury.

Drills will be identified and incorporated into training plan.

Regular assessments will be conducted to document progress and provide continual visual feedback.

*All analyses are conducted at the Triangle Aquatic Center. Lane rentals may be an additional fee and are paid for by the client.

Open Water Swim Training

Swimming in open water is a lot different than swimming in a pool as you can imagine. But don’t worry.

First, we’ll start in the pool with workouts designed to mimic open-water swimming. Once your confidence grows, we’ll go out to the lake to roped-off swim areas. Eventually, we’ll take the training out to the open water.

Comprehensive Bike Fit

First things first. We’ll make sure you fit your bike properly.

This is crucial to reduce the possibility of injury, increase power, and help decrease fatigue.

Smart Trainer Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test

Before we start training, we’ll start with a conversation about your goals and a functional threshold power test (FTP) on our Wahoo smart trainer. This will help to get your training off to a great start by setting your power and heart rate zones. This will help ensure that you reach your maximum fitness potential without over-training.

As an added benefit of being a team member, if you don’t have a trainer, you’re welcome to schedule a session at no charge as a member during inclement weather.

Regular FTP tests will be conducted to document your process and adjust workouts.

Cycle Training

As the longest portion of a triathlon, cycling is a crucial skill to master.

We’ll start with a focus on handling skills for all types of weather and road conditions. We’ll also work on cycling form.

If you have power meters in your pedals, we’ll incorporate power-based training to increase your endurance and strength. If not, no worries, You’ll still get great

You’ll learn proper nutrition to set up a great run off the bike.

Transition Training

The transition between each sport can be complicated and time-consuming if it isn’t carefully planned and executed.

You’ll learn tips and tricks of the trade to help your transitions go smoothly.

Targeted Strength Training

A strong body is your first defense against injury. For endurance sports, it is also crucial in helping you maintain form over a long distance.

Before you begin your training program, you’ll receive a functional movement screen to identify any potential limiters and ensure you are prepared for additional loading and training.

A personalized strength training plan will be integrated into your overall training plan based on your needs, following the Original Strength principles.

We’ll return to the FMS screen regularly to assess your changing needs and document your progress.

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Mindful Recovery

A healthy nervous system is the foundation to athletic performance. Understanding how your body detects and responds to stress and being able to manage its effects, not only allows you to recover faster, but reduces the chances of overtraining, burnout, and injury.

Utilizing the principles of Original Strength, learn how to press RESET on your nervous system, unleashing your body’s potential.

Basic Nutrition Coaching

You’re training and recovery needs to be fueled with the right stuff to lock in your gains and to recover fully.

By tracking your food intake, we’ll develop and nutrition plan to help you get the most out of your training and race day experience.

Race Day Planning & Preparation

Once you’re prepared physically and mentally, the perfect race day plan will make sure you know what to do and how to adapt.

You can do this.